The idea is simple, I'll give you a clue, and you come up with a two-word rhyming answer.


Example: What's another way of saying:


         A smelly finger? A stinky pinky!

        An amusing rabbit? A funny bunny!


Here are five harder ones (answers below):


        1.  What does a one-legged pirate lean on?


        2.  Name a vegetable that mimics anything?


        3.  What's another name for a talkative taxi driver?


        4.  What do you call a pony with laryngitis?


        5.  A cushion for a small, armor plated animal

             from South America?















     1.  A peg leg


         2.  A carrot parrot


         3.  A blabby cabbie or a gabby cabbie


         4.  A hoarse horse


         5.  An Armadillo pillow