The cost of a 40-60 minute presentation depends on George's availability and the school or library's proximity to New York City. Contact him for more information.





1. Once an honorarium is agreed upon, it is due at the conclusion of the presentations.


2. School or organization will pay for expenses related to the presentation (travel, hotel expenses, food and car rental). If George uses his own car to drive to the engagement, his charge is $.50/mile. Travel costs are to be reimbursed within thirty (30) days of receipt.  Checks to be made payable to George Hagen.


3. Cancellations: If the engagement is canceled by school or organization due to weather, building closure, or emergency circumstances, party agrees to pay 75% of any travel fees already incurred.


4. If visit is canceled by school or organization due to non-critical issues, party agrees to pay 50% of honorarium and all non-refundable travel expenses by the date of the engagement.


5. If George Hagen cancels an engagement due to illness, emergency or unforeseen circumstances, he agrees to reschedule engagement within 6 months of original date. All travel expenses will be absorbed by George Hagen.


6. Requirements:  School or organization will provide a Mac-friendly projector or smart board for Powerpoint presentation, a room dark enough for projection, and a microphone if group exceeds 60 students. School or organization agrees to provide a letter confirming engagement and clear directions to the location of presentation from wherever George Hagen is lodged, prior to presentation.





It is up to the school or organization to arrange for book orders and purchasing. (Note that the publisher usually requires orders six weeks in advance of the event.) Book orders can be arranged through





George will happily sign books and inscribe them to students.



Any recordings made of the presentation require George's signed permission, and may not be released on Youtube, Facebook or other social media.