In the first book, twelve-year-old Gabriel meets a raven named Paladin and discovers a mysterious ability only members of his family possess. With his unusual new friend he sets off on a mission full of impossible challenges and perplexing riddles.



The exciting sequel to Gabriel Finley and the Raven's Riddle. Gabriel tries to bring back his mother from a mysterious place where disappeared souls go.





"A vivid, compelling fantasy that sends you off into a world you will not soon forget."


    -Norton Juster, author of

       The Phantom Tolbooth


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George Hagen was born in 1958 in Harare, Zimbabwe. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and has worked as a carpenter, cartoonist, magazine writer, screenwriter and novelist.


He has written two adult novels, THE LAMENTS and TOM BEDLAM. The GABRIEL FINLEY series are his only childrens books.


He likes history, science, weird languages, puzzles, fiction, poems, riddles, palindromes and puns and is fascinated by how things work and where odd words come from.


He has a dog named Finley.


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George has given presentations to schools and library clubs of 4th to 7th graders in groups of 12 to 300, from New York to Chicago.


He delivers a 40-50 minute Powerpoint presentation on the writing process behind the Gabriel Finley books. This can be adapted to the teaching curriculum to include an interactive discussion of mythical and modern heroes, puns, riddles, or solutions to common writing roadblocks.


Playing with metaphors, puns and verse is an exciting way for young writers to expand their skills whether writing fiction or nonfiction.


George charges an honorarium of $300 for visits. Contact him for more details.




To reach George either with questions, or to arrange skype meetings or appearances, please use the following email address:


George "at"


And the answer? A raven, of course!



George will do FREE skype sessions with school or library groups fo 15 minutes. Please contact him in advance to make arrangements.